About ABBE

ABBE is a manufacturer of various plastic products (acrylic, PETG, polystyrene, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC and engineering plastics) and metal products (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and others).

ABBE, a custom manufacturer:

  • Residential and commercial lighting
  • Manual and electrical gates
  • Molded plastics
  • Displays
  • Sleighs
  • Plastics and metals
  • Others in accordance with your projects

It’s important to notice that all lighting products and electrical gates are approved CSA/CUL.


Abbe began operations in 1986 in the field of plastic, quickly becoming a leader in this discipline and to this day is always the best.

Management has taken a turn in 1992, while continuing to grow in the plastics industry. Abbe became interested in the lighting department and opened a metal with all necessary equipment is at the forefront of the market to develop custom fabrication in this fascinating area and informed.

Since Abbe has joined its team of business partners responsible and dynamic professionals.

Our motto: More than 25 years of experience make the difference!

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